al done??

well after puttin lot of efforts in.. finding new site.. signin up 4 a new acc…creating a whole new profile… n last but not d least…1 more password 2 remember.. 

am al here ..jus bcoz my frnd pushkar suggestd me 2 do so.

tho i dint usdrstand al d advantages, features, benefits ovr my prev msn spaces..pushkar ws talkin abt, i dnt chalng tht guy’s intelligance… he is lyk a NET GURU 4 me

so.. u guyz wl hv 2 bear 1 more NON-INTELECTUAL blogger(wondering who d other blogger is??;)… defenately not pushkar yaaaar)

PS- spelling n grammer mistaks r inevitable. readers r requestd 2 ignore thm…if not … curse my eng teachers as i do

 n ppl who r still figuring out 4 the other NON_INTELECTUAL bloggers–yesssss… i ws refering 2 u only…bloody loosers

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