blooody set top box :@

its been more than a month now… our cable operator hs put d bloody set top boxs in our society… n evry1s struglinmg wid d blocked channel syndrome( bliv me its more painful thn a crashd server )

set top box luks lyk a cd player kind… n comes wid its own remote… so… v hv 2 seat wid 2 remotes now… 1 for volume control n other 4 chngin channels:P

tho intially it felt lyk an additional pain… lateron v realised tht changin channels is qte fast in ths thing… also it shows d schedule of diff channels tht u cn chk wat al progs r available on tht day…also NEO SPORTS ws available rite 4m d day 1… so i dint miss a single ball nor did i bear 7 mins delay (whc ws thr on DD due 2 HC judgmnt)

but soon things changd… cable person startd blockin channels 1 by 1…i ws more thn happy wen he blockd STAR PLUS n al…but thn he did d same thing wid sports channels…thn wid cartoon n/w …thn discovery… etc etc ( meaning of etc here cn b takn as ETC channel as wel)

so now… a situation is tht…

wid a bulky box…an additional remote…. 4 additional cables… n 1 more occupied switch(additinal pain 2 switch it off while turnin TV on)

al tht i cn see is

1. DD national

2.start utsav(eva heard of ths channel b4??…..atleast i dint)

3.Z city (one more alien luking channel)

4. al sorts of mallu, telgu, kannada, nepali, punjabi, tullu, gujju reginal channels

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