Bas Yu Hi

do u guyz kno there is a movie calld “bas yu hi” ??

staring PURAB (x-channel V host-who hs playd d role of gay in d movie ‘my brother NIKHIL) n NANDITA DAS ( yeaa… d same aweful lukin female 4m 1947 earth) n few other actors not qte known in bollywood.

yeaa it ws shown on 1 of d few channels tht comes on my cable( thnx 2 set top box 😛 )…tht day other options were… ALBELA on star UTSAV n some daily soaps of DD ( hv u eva seen those ??…. mann… thy must b hving a criteria tht only ppl with below avg luks should come 4 auditions…n d worst lukin wl b selectd… no jokes)

so hd 2 watch dat movie. b4 watchin tht movie, the identity of ths movie 4 me ws limited 2- movie wid d song “ek ajnabee..haseena se… tu mulakat…. ho gayi…” So i kept watchin js 4 tht song 2 come. wch dint come til end… may b i missd it wid d start OR thy must hv made it 4 promos only.

wateva it may b … but d movie ws really a cool one… al d charactors were rittn very specifically… n more over thy hv actd also nicely.  short film shot on d banglore bachground. diff star cast….diff lifestyle… and a totally diff story.

i think d movie ws not promoted wid d intention of profit making … otherwise it wud hv made a diff at box office.

newayzz…. worth watchin it on a TV( tht 2 if u hv tooo much free time…else drop it 😛 )

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