its been almost a week now since v r back 4m rajasthan, n altho thr is lot 2 write abt tht i cudnt write 4 ths long jus bcoz of the post trip hangovr 😉 (not the alkoholic one)

the BE INDUSTRIAL VISIT cum TRIP ws scheduled 4m 9th-16th march after a much hallagullaa coz few ppl wantd 2 go 2 north-east whr v wer expectd 2 spend 60+60 hrs of travellin in train (considerin indian railwayz reputation ths tym period may get extended to 90 or evn more no of hrs) so after d much discussion d destination ws fixd… “The Rajasthan”

just as per schedule v al reachd bandra station b4 tym (1pm) n caught “suryanagri exp”. n soon v realised tht digicams wid lots of memory in hand n fully chargd batteries cn push a normal humanbeing 2 insanity.  ppl carryin digicams startd showing trh talent of photography n others help thm by posing 4 it. no wonder the total captured material went upto 15 GBs at the end.

the train hardly took ne halts including d one at AHEMADABAD wer v al got down n made our existance felt. (v evn clickd a snap in front of jammu-tavi exp wch ws about 2 start 😉 Passengers  with mediocre sense of humor dint lyk the exploding source of positivity n thy showd sum resistance against it ( i mean those bloooody @$#$@% filed a complaint against us to  the stationmaster :P)

v reachd JODHPUR at 9.30 morng. station parkin lot was totally empy (yeaa…..shockin but true) evn rikshaws wer standing empty. rajasthani rikshaws r d most colorful of thm al. jus lyk thr BANDHANI fabrics. paintd flowry designs insideout. evn d  seatcovers wer eqully colorful.

the hotel “BENIWAL PALACE” ws desently gud.  ideally designd 4 playin al kinda pranks 😉 as v did ( it wsnt a prank actually … ws rather a KAND)  after a much sightseeing of plalaces n mahals in jodhpur nxt day v moved 2 JAISELMER. the bus journey ws truely memorable. courtesy- sand storm… rain…n (most imp) HASE. ( who sat on hotseat 4 almost 3 looooooong hrs… fully fustrated… n finallly decided 2 sleep 2 avoid further HAGNA of his. 😉

rains n sandstorm dropd down the temp 2 almost 10 deg n v experiencd kashmir in rajasthan. the MAHADEV PALACE hotel ws truely awesome hs hd a swiming pool with shivering chilled water. tho ppl jumpd into it few smart asses(includin me) decided 2 stay away 4m it 😉

JAISELMER is situated in a desert area. so nxt day, after the univited rains wer stopd, v moved 2 SAND DUNES(most excitin of al) thr v hd a camel ride (bloooooody our camel ws so in hurry.. he ws almost runnin.. n bloody almost crushed my ****)  thn suddenly the gravity came into the picture.  all sufferd the attaks of gravity by us (xception me, despo, n bb… sumhow managd 2 escape tho v wer d 1s who startd al ths 😉 ) garvity followd by rollin ovr the sands. all these acivities made other tourists (n evn the localites) sooo damn horrified and scared tht  if ne1 finds few of us around, doin nothin must hv skippd his heart beat for sure. evn d camels used to ran away seeing us around. the person who tried 2 ran away 4m gravity i.e. navin, ws punishd badly wid evry1 kickin his ass not once, nor twice but thrice tht eve. poor chap.  4 SAAL KI BHADAAS NIKALI SAB LOG NE.

newayzz ….thn happnd the GRAND HISTORIC PHOTOFESTIVAL. actually the idea ws to show others the KAAND tht v did at jodhpur but to give it grand luk v potrayd it as a photo fest 😉 the event ws a grand success….bigger than wat v hd thot of. al 35 guyz wer present on our room no 207.  The room members playd diff roles… lyk bhoite operatd the cam thing… bibin ws kept as a bouncer to avoid ne diff situation. thn lamda ws a torch guy…he showd seats to al ticktholder 😉 n myself..i hostd the show. i described al the snaps… thn v discussed the thots bhind thm..also the hidden meanin… etc etc… it ws a gr8 fun…appreciated by al.

b4 al this ppl wer busy wid thr own grps, but our photo fest broke al d grp barriers n brought of al us under 1 grp. it really helpd in uniting grp spirit.

the jouney from jaiselmer to bikaner ws total fun again. whr althe marrages took place (courtesy-hase ,jags, bhoite, rucha… n the pandit: suril shah 😉 ) wch latter turnd bck on me a lil bit 😉 but escapd safely.

in bikaner the entire scenario chngd. ppl wer not lettin us ( thr room members i.e.) spend time 2gethr alone. thy mite b thinkin tht v’ll play sum KAAND on thm 2. evn the gals startd 2 watch television at our room. shockin.

the last nite at bikaner ws also full of fun. whr v playd the DARE game. evry1 hd 2 do things suggestd by others. performances by aakash, hase, gala, bhai wer simply fantabulous.

thn v catchd the return train 4m bikaner to mumbai nxt mornin.  return journey ws lil stressful due 2 many reasons…not 2 be dicussed here. but it really made an impact on al of us.

but overal…. the trip ws a grand fun event… words wudnt be enough to describe it. i startd ths blog a week later d trip n finishd after more than a month now. tht says it al. the trip ws the highlight of the entire engg carrier. it playd the role of a desert after a 4 course meal( 4 course stands for 4 yrs of engg 😛 ) wateva v do in future…howeva interestin trips v plan in future…  v al wl remembr n cherish al d memories of rajasthan…..

al sweet memories of RAJASTHAN.

2 Responses to “RAJASTHAN”

  1. arshat chaudhary Says:

    We surely will cherish this trip. The best part was the show….”EXPLAIN!”..lol
    Welcome to wordpress…

  2. queenofmars Says:

    ok that explains the unsaid parts by u… bt i still dunno the “hase-jags marriage wala scene”…so pls enlighten me soon.. 😉

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