jus 1 day to go….

7 weeks of entertainmnt are finally comin to an end….yup..am talkin abt WC… but hs it really been tht entertainin ths tym???….. i dnt think so

wen india got out of WC i ws more thn happy… rather wen bangladesh blew india off i ws d happiest person on the earth… i earnd almost a billion tht day….  a virtual billion ( virtual bcoz, winnin bets during ne WC, jus make u feel gud tht ur guesses hv been spot on.. nothin more thn tht… tht money or beers or treats neva get paid off…. if thy wer i wud hv been the richest man by now)

ne wayz for indian supporter tht wsnt enough…… thy kept thr hopes alive by thinkin tht burmuda mite beat bangla by blah blah blah margin or srilanka wl loose against burmuda or sumthin lyk tht. none on those permutation combination workdd out n india finally got kickd off. the only soothin thing happnd along ths ws,  PAK got out b4 india 🙂  Well for ne india supporter or non-india supportr also, ths moment wud hv neva been soothin knowin tht india-pak clash wudnt take place now. but after india’s exit, things bcame lighter. (sum indo-pak fan wer evn hopin tht both kickd away countries wl play indo-pak tour bck home…wch wud hv been more successful thn the further dull WC for sure)

exit for half the ASIA really hamperd al the sponserers n broadcasters etc etc….. if u try sort it out , it ws more thn 300 crores of loss. ( no wonder SET MAX pumps 3 adds inbetween the overs,….. skipin the replays,……. 

thn.. 2 comertials b4 and after the declaration of powerplay….

1 add during changed in field after 2 or more consecutive boundries by ne batsman…..

1 add wen ne spectatr crosses the side screen n batsman gets distractd…

more thn 3 if any player gets injured….

n ne number b4 n after mandira opns her mouth.)

tho for few cricket fan (n not india supp… i feel,indian viewers are purely indian supporters n not cricket fans) the latr WC ws ful of surprises n uncertainity. specially wen bangldesh beatn SA. whoa…… wat a match tht ws… too gud. also wen MALINGA blew 4 wkts of SA in final session., or wen gibbs hit 6 sixes in a single ovr,..or wen AUS bajao-ed SA in semis n made thm luk lyk 25/5.

the only team who continued thr success story ws the gr8 AUS. AUS played rhidiculuosly gud cricket n showd tht thy truly deserv the tag of champions.  Mcgrath, pointin, heydon, evn the young chaps lyk tait n brackn playd a quality cricket. thy showd AUS team wl continue their form evn after the exit of McGrath n Warne.  AUS cricket is a subject worth studyin for evry cricket person. i really cnt figure it out, whr the hell thy get such players from???n how cum thy dnt face thy selection probs wid al nice players??? speciaaly wen india finds difficult to choose bunch of 11 loosers outa lot of buggers.  n wen thy hv such a nice cricketin background how cn a coach from AUS perform sucha miserable cricket?? n how cm only india finds sucha miserable coach??? rather selects sucha coach???

newayzz….. india deserves wateva happnd in WC… n cmon guyss ..u hv 2 agree tht,  ths ws not at al a shock… india ws doin bad n thy continued their form…. nothin surprsing at al..

 with ths am surly lukin 4wrd for 2moros final….. n no prizes for guessin whom i am cheerin for 😉

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