ganapati bappa…. moryaa…

mangal murti…moryaa..

shri siddhivinayak maharaj ki jay…

for a person goin 2 siddhivinay temple ths lines r not new.  evn am one of the fortunate ones to hv such opportunities evry tuesday. (no need 2 drop tht jaw…. goin 2 siddhivinayak temple on tuesdays isnt tht gr8…sply if u stay at dadar n if u stand in “common darshan” queue.  it hardly takes 30 mins.  so its not abt havin sparing u need is devotion n faith)

 well i startd goin 2 sidhi’ temple 4 yrs back wen my HSC results wer awaiting(jus lyk thousands of u…i ws scard tl deth) . but thn sumhow i continued goin thr evry tuesday.

blive me guyzz…goin 2 siddhivinayak evry tuesday is lot of fun… evrytym new new surprises r waitin for u…b it ever changing entrances or queues lined up in diff wayz or the most famous “security sys” @ temple.

seriously yaar…. the security sys @ temple is a sub worth doin PHD in. automatic closing shutters (godrej made) r made jus 2 afraid the devotees( maaan…thy r sooo damn unpredictable… coz thy cum wid 4 sensers… tht hs made thm so damn sensitive… no wonder after installin thm lot of old devotees count ws reduced) . Then comes the bodycheck by constable… (god knos wht thy chk for….sply wen thy chk ur legs wid metal delectors…evn wen u come in shorts 😛 haaaa ) .  thn thy hv the “chappal stand” whr u’ll neva successed without havin a fight. ( seriously man….if u c the xpressions of ppl after successfully gettin, a stand no without being touchd by ne1’s footware…. it seems as if thy hv won d WC..tht 2 by beatin brazil in final 😛 )

the battle is not over yet… as sooon as u enter the temple… u’ll b told…”chalo…aage badho…baaki log ko bhi darshan lene do” …. man these “baki log” neva let u c the lord ganesh’s idol peacefully… moreover, ppl inside GABHARA keep thr trays wid flower n al on the top…. so  short ppl hardly get the glimps of the lord. tall ppl njoy the arial view( the only tym whr i feel proud of the ht i hv) … thn after collectin ur footwear(wch agin is equally diff as keepin thm) u stand in “prasad” line whr again u’ll get it after a lot of stretchin done 😉 thts al… al done ( no wonder ppl after comin out again thnk god 4 safely gettin thm out 😉 ) 

no.. but jokes the security n safety provisions r beeen made 4 our own protection…. temple being top listd on terririst attack, evry possble precaution must be takn. but ppl usually misunderstood it n blame it as mis-managemnt. sply the safety wall built outside..tho it causes hell lot of difficulties for residents in peripheral societies( man u shud c the way thy bring thr cars in… it bloody takes min 20 mins for thm…isnt tht riddiculasly irritatin??… sply wen u cnt do anythin agaisnt it)

well …wht cn v say on tht…. lord’s wish… but as far as my wishes r concernd… lot of thm r fufilld… siddhivinayak maharaj ki jay!!!!

One Response to “siddhivinayak”

  1. queenofmars Says:

    awesome post!!! since now even m a FAN of siddhivinayak i can relate to… loved this “its not abt havin sparing u need is devotion n faith”…..

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