sem 8 exams wl soon get over… ths wl probably be my last exam 2 study hard i guess( heard tht 4 MBA  u  cn  buy books evn 1 day b4 exam n servive…unlike engg.. in engg u must xrox book atleast 2 dayz b4 😉 )

to talk abt engg studies…. it dsnt alwayz take lot of hard work…its more of smart work(wch i realizd qte late…so cudnt score much 😉 ) but yess al tht u dnt do in reg coll dayz(i.e. both studying and attendin coll 😉 …thts bcoz i go 2 coll 2 study), u hv to do tht in PL(Preparation Leave….i.e. tym given for engg students jus b4 exams 2 buy syllabus copies n resp books 2 study during exams)

till sem 4 i used 2 seat at home n do the so calld “study”. wch wsnt really payin off later i decided 2 go to coll n do the group study…. ths ws a nu concept discoverd n developed by us (i.e. me, ameya, bhoite, n the list went till hitesh, bhai in sem 8— waise, abhal n shrads statd it..but no 1 calls tht as grp study( god knos y))     V, the budch of not so gud at self study ppl, startd cumin 2 coll n do the studyin n more ovr v  kept ourself updated wid al the nu study material( i.e. most of the tyms xroxs from diff profs from al diff coll… i.e. bcoz material from profs of  SP( No. 1 coll 2day in mum) is hardly reliable)

so v hd to get it from else whr( using the alwayz helpful PR skills)… n  get it xroxd… n rest of d janta used to take thm from us. but study isnt the only thing v do in PL…lemmi describe other things wht v did n learnt in PL

– neva park ur bike inside coll campus in PL…ur fatka(wippin cloth)  wl get stolen

– take a sweet nap in d afternoon

– take min 1 hr tea break in d eve n hv buttr toast wid special(adrak wali–as said by bhai) chai…

– if 2nd floor classrooms r closd, thn go home….no point in studyin in civil class room…. most pathetic place 2 study

– if ne hot chic(tho ths is a hypothetical concept in SPC..thr r few gals who’ll definately distract u 😉 ….mech ppl kno whom i am ref to;) ) is seatin in ur class chng ur room.

– maulik gala kisna only adds up 2 nuisance… beta not 2 do ne imp topic tht day

-dnt let bhoite do ne calc n bargains at xrox shop…. u mite end up payin more thn usual( no wonder he cleard maths 3 in 3rd attemp)

– dnt login ur orkut acc in raul sirs cabin( victms… gala, bhavesh)

-do watch you-tube videos in raul sirs cabin… jus make sure he dsnt come 2 kno abt it

-take a brk on sundays as coll quad is usualy busy wid diff social activities lym get2gethr, prize distrbtn, classical muzik etc.

– do peep in the near by bushes while leaving late… u mite get lucky 😉

al tht n wat not…grp…rather coll study… did helpd me n al of us a lot in many wayz.. it not only helpd us2 get bettr scores but it also brought us close 2 each other…i still remember how v used 2 luk at bhavesh n his grp b4 v actually get 2 kno thm… v al colll studyin ppl hd a special bondin in its own way.  in PL, no1 ws smarter or scholar… each 1 of us hd our own strengths n weeknesses . n the best thing ws v al knw abt each others strength. PL prep also brought us close 2 faculty n staff members. in sem 8, wen al othr classes used 2 closd, RAUL sir allowd us 2 use his AC cabin…evn after the workin hrs he used 2 give the keys 2 us n thn go home.. wht a prof he is.. n staff members lyk vasant n anil used to think tht v ppl r doin sum serious business n usd 2 treat us special evn after exam dayz 😉

PL ws n wl b a spl part of our coll lyf… part wen v spent max daily tym(i rem leavin at 11.30 doin DME prep in 7th sem n reachd home at 12.30) in coll…( no wonder nite-shift watchman knos us by name n morg person asks for our id)

after al tht praising …i jus hope i do well in last sem.. hehehe

One Response to “PL”

  1. arshat chaudhary Says:

    Wow! amazing post yaar! I loved the bit about Abhal and Shrads and your innocence about it! You mischevious side gets exposed when you write!

    Abbe write more frequently yaar…Also put up a blogroll where you can link up your friends who blog.

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