The Italian Job

(dnt get confusd wid the title…hs nothin 2 do wid sonia gandhi’s italian connections) 

wht a weekend it ws… seemd lyk the racing season of 2004 is bck..the only diff ws … schumi n barri wer replcd by kimi n massa.

on moto GP…doctor showd his class again… on his fiat-yamaha tead, doin not so well so far, he managed a victory at Assen(ned). it ws sheere driving skill tht took him on podium. he startd off from the 4th row n did wht his best at. stoner still is 21 pts ahead of doc in world champ standin but he cn still manage( remem…its moto GP..n not F1, whr 21 pts lead almost asures u tht WC tag 😛 )

 talkin abt F1… again it ws italy who lead the front by its 1-2 finish at french GP. ferrari after 11 months managed 1-2 victory( yup..last tym it ws in germany 2006 i reakon)

but a ferrari victory at france is alwayin pleasing(remem last tym schumi held renault-michellin’s winnin hourses at france GP??… n yr b4 tht wen Barri ovrtook Trulli on the last corver of last lap n managd the podium finish??… frnch GP alwayz brought best outa us… i mean ferrari here ….hhehhe) n if it is 1-2 thn… tym 4 celebratns;)

massa who lead from the start n who managed 2 get kimi bhind him, blockin hamilton who ws 2nd on the grid. kimi later controlld the pace of mclarein n evn managd 2 get in frnt of massa after 2nd pits stop. ( thnx 2 ferrari strategy… who put kimi on 2 stop strategy after confirming the wheathr) hamilton sadly hd 2 stop thrice for pit n still managd the 3rd plc n 8th consecitive podium finish in his debut season.

much talks r goin around abt hamiltons driving skills being ovrshadowing alonso’s performance. but acco 2 me hamilton hs not shown his so calld “skills” newhr in ths season… its jus tht he hs a best car n he knos how 2 driv it. wid not a single race without front row grid he hs neva evn ovrtakn ne drivr… he jus goes light on the machinery n manages the podium finish…alonso, on the othr hand, hs shown his champ qualities evry tym in ovrtakin or pressurisin while attemptin overtake. he is a true spaninard… he jus neva gives up ( lyk tht blooooody Rafa Nadal…. who still is crusin in wimbledon….hopin 2 beat Feddi ths tym around in semis…haaaaaa)

newayzz…lets hope,v’ wl get 2 c hamiltons skills wid his home britesh GP scheduled ths wekend n wid ferrari bck in form!!

2 Responses to “The Italian Job”

  1. arshat chaudhary Says:

    You have been TAGGED!

  2. queenofmars Says:

    awww….bikes and cars!!! miss the AUTO quiz re.. hardly get anyone to argue abt such worldclass events…man!!! i guess i grew up wid such super stars(like u all) that IPL, n those chindi game shows dun even excite me anymore.. those wr some days..fighting over schumi, ferrari n all…

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