road lyf…

no no ppl… am not talkin abt mahdur bhandarkar’s Traffic signal…nor abt FOOTPATH…. its abt those gudol dayz wen the day used to start wid kick and a gear shift…

yest i went to ameya’s place…actully i cud have gone by train as i was comin from office…but i decided to go on bike( damn….how cn i evn think of goin by train wen my bikes thr… this daily Airoli trip is makin me sick) …i took my helmet out n… man….. it was al covered with cobwebs inside out…makin me realise how loong has it been on highway… this 45 mins journey to Vileparle made me soo nostalgic abt the dayz wen goin to coll ws jus an xcuse to ride the bikiee 🙂

i startd takin my bike to coll in third yr tho i bought it in 2nd yr… an yr long took me again the confidence to hit the western express highway…. credit goes to my sis without her forget riding evn buying bike ws not poss..she only convienced mom n dad for the bike stuff…thn came the diff part of choosing wch 1 to buy… but without much hasitation al decide don HONDA… Unicorn 🙂 ….. my black beuty

i wont talk abt learning bike coz it ws a yr long journey… so will jump to the 1t day wen i took my bike to coll….i rem…thr ws a DME viva…n BEST ws on strike…tht cudnt be an xcuse as neithr me nor my sis used to go by bus… but i chose tht day to take my bike to coll… me n my sis …. tht ws the only day wen i took S.V Road…bloody…. riding on SV road is as boring as attending “communicattion meetings” in Siemens…..

soon bike bacme the reason to go to coll… wiping bike in the morning…. wearing tht BANDANA n goggle…

makin tau pay for the petrol…(bichari tau)

waiting under the flyover…or those rare trees on high way whr al bikers stop n wear helmet…

setting hair in the coll parkin lot…

cleanin bike with som1 else’s cloth …

sharing daily riding xperinces with bhoite n ameya..( according to us….we are the only sane riders in this world)

trying to put the main stand on while sittin on a bike…

computing average of bike after evry 6months n feelin proud wen it exceeds 55 🙂

al these things i’ll neva forget…there hd been few unfortunate accidents also… but i came outa it safely… (i cnt forgive myself wen i sliped on bandra junction with my sis ws with me… luckily nothin happend to her… but after that day i neva exceed 50 ka speed with my sis)

but thn… sis got married… i missed her a lot while goin 2 coll alone in the morn… thn came the Siemens thing…  n riding almost became a sunday activity… shyaa…

2 Responses to “road lyf…”

  1. arshat Says:

    Oye? u dislike Communication meetings?
    Forgot all the cakes we had after those meetings!!
    And believe me, I always felt u, ameya and bhoite were the sanest bikers.
    But the sanest of them all is SURIL!
    Akshay, I hope u r not aroused by ur bike or are u?
    Nice post man.

  2. queenofmars Says:

    hahah.. arshat’s comments on ur post r an exact opp of what he was at coll.. the simple quiet shy guy.. anyways urs n imi’s bike… my safest havens.. best riders in the whole world..agree hands down..

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