well…its ovr now….. 7 days of official TP r al ovr(tho i got 2 njoy only 3 of thm…thanx to (1)Manish who is njoyin his honeymoon…(2)deepak..who is down wid jaundice or atleast pretending to be…(3)n on top of it,…. its our boss… So being the only buyer around i hd 2 b thr in office for rest of 3 dayz..

talking about TES 2….it startd wid(along wid tht usual a siemens File n a diary n a pen) a very interesting topic as “commercal Concepts” n ended with the crap “Marketing” thing..whr a doctor was presenting a seminar on “marketing of FMCG goods to engineers…(funny??… isnt it… belive me, its possible only in Siemens) Non-veg Lunch, cookies in tea break n the presence of “XX” chromosomes were the only pleasing things out thr in worli….(for those who took vocational sub in 12th n wondering wat XX chromosome mean …well…XX chromosomes is the genetic term for a girl & XY for a boy)

coming back to Comercial concept thing… Mr.Malani & Mr.Apte delivered d lectures on ED n sales/Service taxes… thanks to Desai sir, half of those things i already knew 😛 …still it helped in clearing many basic concepts for sure…(the clarity tht Mr. Malani hd in his concepts ws really appreciable….specially with his over all look… i.e. white beard n shirt out … he ws very unlike siemens…. jus lyk his knowledge…. 😉 )

the later day we hd a lecture on communication skills @ tip top plaza hotel… Mr. Sunil …whoz Lata’s hubby(thinking who d Lata is??… well…am as clueless as u all.. but thts wt ws thr in his intro) took a day long session on communication skills…(2nd guy wid white beard in 2 days…. prty strange in siemens coz am the only person wid beard in entire Transformer…) but wat ws evn strange here, tht none of us got bored in this entire day which was rather expected in any communication seminars…his command on laguage… his lyf exp…skill of evaluating, judging evry person, evry incidances in lyf… n sply the Funda of “gifting Urself” on evry small lil achievment which in future reminds al such goldn memories….all this ws worth adapting…. also thanks to Ashish Khadse(agru Part 2) who  was unknowingly making fun of himself wid his innocent interaction wid sunil (thank god he ws not thr in SP-Mech… he saved us from making so many sins 😉 )  not to forget the 5course lunch n brekfast @ tiptop plaza,along wid dhaval’s PTV jokes(ths guy dhaval is not 4m PTV but he hs spent lot of tym wid this ppl…. hence the talent)

thn d very awaited saturday session on marketting skills strtd @ 9 @ worli…al wer excited coz of the interesting topic… but the entire day got wasted in the stupid FMCG marketing techniques explaind by a doctor… crap… a total fiasco…his stupid jokes n fundas(ths 50 yr old doc ,

thinks Maruti SX4 is ovrprized…

dosnt kno anythin about bikes…

neva buys a brand he lyks d most jus bcoz the tht perfume bottle got spilled in his bag…

 dosnt lyk TATA vehicles including SAFARI

calls Scorpio as SUV n rates Scorpio above Innova

i really dnt understand wt made our HR to chooose him as a marketing xpert… (jus a anothr evidance proving HR n Logic neva go 2gethr)

the only person who dint get bored tht day ws d Doc himself coz he made more money thn wt Siemens paid him 4 one day by collectin 50 Rs from evry late comer after tea break…(i jus hope our VP dsnt read ths 😉 )

tho we hd a gr8 fun downstairs, al thanks to Harshal n Shailesh Shere (lets not get into wt ws the topic of fun… 😉  harshal wud kill me if i rite nething on net)

al in al …TES 2 ws a gr8 stress buster… meetin ppl.. makin nu frnds.. goin diff places…knowin lyf on a serious note… evrythin helpd for the much needed break on the season…. one thing is sure if Siemens wants GTE to stay wid thm for long….more n more such seminar must be arranged… thts a msg to al HR who anyways dnt listen to us…

P.S. : i dint comment on the lunch tht v hd @ kalwa works… js bcoz it ws not worth mentioning… hehehhe

2 Responses to “TES 2”

  1. arshat Says:

    You seem pretty pissed off at tht doc (inspite of him giving u a choclate :P)
    U hit the nail on the head when u said tht we need mor TESes.. And pls dont say against the pretty ladies in HR, they want more TESes too, its the top mgmt tht doest(coz of guys lik u who call it official tp and tht too in writing :P)
    About the dhaval guy, man he pisses me off..know why the other 2 frm his coll didnt join siemens? it coz of HIM! 😛
    And yeah the food at tip top was great, bola tha na?

  2. queenofmars Says:

    lol akki… ur talent-finding skills in each and every person… maan gaye!!! aapki paar ki nazar aur nirma err siemens ko… 😉 😛

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