Bhaiya in Mumbai

Location: ABC Station…

XYZ: bhaiya… JKL jaoge???

rickshawala Bhaiya: (in his typical arrogant style) Nahi…

In a situation above the variable station cud be any station…. central…western…harbor…

XYZ cud be of any gender…any age group…any religion…

and JKL cud be any place…closer or farthest from the Station..

the Only thing which is remains unchanged is the answer of  Rickshaw wala bhaiya… and his arrogance…

eventually the XYZ person goes to bus stop cursing rickshaw wala…

All mumbaikars are used to such daily encounter…but the increasing arrogance of “these” people… leads to the feeling of helplessness and dependency on a small group of people who do not belong to this place…. result is a Psychological block….all these n many other accumulated feelings of hate-red got burst and resulted in tragedy of Last Sunday (3rd FEB)

wateva happend tht day ws quite indecent and unethical…. a mob hittin a crowed of few is any wayz not ethical, irrespective of the regoinal issue… but again…before accusing RAJ THAKARE… one must analyze the root cause behind al this… a meeting of a UP leader can not be the only reason behind this… it has got many annexures full of such reasons

Mumbai is made up of many regions… many cultures… many colors…. it has its own religion… a Mumbaikar will remain mumbaikar where eva u put him on the back of this world… then y did he felt the need to make his present felt on 3rd FEB??

Maumbai feeds more number of gujrathis… south indians.. muslims for that reason …than Bhaiyas… but no mumbaikar complained on the existance of the rest…. the y only Bhaiya are accused??…. the reason being … Bhaiya community dont belong to mumbai mentaly… however educated he may be… however he may be earning… a bhaiya from any level of society will consider himself as a guest in mumbai… 

for an example… 26th july floods…tarin blasts… any disaster situation in mumbai…have u seen any taxiwala bhaiya getting down on road helping people??…. or for that reason , atleast  droping people at places when needed the most…. i remember a long queue of taxis at air port on flood day…sleeping in their taxis whereas entire mumbai ws on the road …helpin people who were stuck… Evn on the Train blast day…. mob at Plaza cinema hd to force these taxiwalas to drop people at respective places which actually is there job….

i am not saying bhaiyas shud be banned coming to mumbai…..coz luking at situation in UP if thy got to feed their familys … thy hv to luk for jobs….n whr else thy wl get these jobs other thn mumbai….UP leaders can not create job opportunities at UP… so supporting Bhaiyas to come to mumbai is the least that they cn do…. but in such scenario… a person must feel thnkful n obliged to the city that runs his family… showing arrogance to such city dosnt fits in the book of society… atleast i dnt think it does..

in spite of al ths i dnt support the last sunday incidence…. but it is js a signal to al… i only pray the right msg is  taken by al concern people…. n there will not arise a need to display this incident again in future…

n i only hope to c a lil more responsible rickshaw wala in a station que

6 Responses to “Bhaiya in Mumbai”

  1. arshat Says:

    Wow man..i was expecting a complete burst out against bhaiyas from u, but u see tht is what makes u better than guys who inspite of calling themselves enggs cant do root cause analysis!
    Amazing posts coz i feel u being a Shivaji park loving-dadar living-shiv sena biased guy, were still able to put ur thought out clearly..
    Cheers man!

  2. GVC Says:

    Good one pushi!!! I think he has come out of the pure reasons of wht happened few days bac in mum.
    But pushi , i think somewhr the flow of bhaiyya comin up in mum has 2 b stopped otherwise it wil create prob 2 mumbaikars in future!!! wht happened no to them, they try to do same to non- bhaiyya ppl in futuree!!!

  3. bornsukhi Says:

    hey GVC…. wats rong wid u??….y r u callin me pushi??…. helllllo… this is me… akshay

  4. arshat Says:

    hehehehe.. u got confused, didnt u!! hahahaha..

    pushi, sukhi .. ki farak painda hai.. hahahaha

  5. advait Says:

    good one aks…. after wat UP n Bihar ministers have made of their states…. they cannot be allowed to play their politics here…. yes maharshtra has its own share of political probs…. n thts enuf for us…. i m not of the opinion that raj was was the right track…. but ppl not ready to accept the culture of mumbai shud be mercilessly thrown out….

  6. Amey Says:

    Good 1 .. *Thumbs up*

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