Wedding bells or War bugle ;)

(The contents of the blog might be harmful for adults planning to get married. The blogger will be solely held responsible if the contents makes the harm which is desired by them)

Morning 8.30…in d office…switchin on PC…waiting for outlook to update the mail box by forwards of software professional sent on odd hours(man, thy only send ths fwds on late nites n early mornigs…always on odd hours…no wonder IT industry doomed 😛 ) one of ths mail is from bibin..subject shows “Wedding Invitation”…without thinking much i open tht mail…

a kilometer long mail with lines in sentence case,  written in italic font, with no animated .gif image inbetween, n nt even picture nor smiley at the end….this,very unlike forward, seems more of hibru to me… still without stressing the brain muscle,  i click on the only hperlink decorated in the mail…by the time voith server opens the link, i hv already forgotten whr i had clickd…bt the new window is nicely  says “ of pallavi & bibin  on decemb.$##%%^&*(%$^^…….hey hey..WAIT A SEC..wt d hell is ths…surprisd..rather shocked me, again go through the entire mail again….is it for real??…searchin al over if thr is any hitch..its on 6th-Dec.. Dec do hv 6th day… nt like 30-feb or sumthin…thinnkin of al such probablities in my dirty mind i finally came to the conclusion… Yes..BIBIN IS ACTUALLY GETTING MARRIED TO A GIRL…..

yea..1st one in our group..Bibin…is rather d 1st GUY in entire Sp-mech batch to get married(what?? what do you mean, snehal got married before bibin??…snehal was a girl u idiot…she used to stay in girls hostel…dnt u remember?)god ..he is gonna settle down in lyf…has found a lyf partner…n now takin d most imp step in d lyf…n we are still roaming around in a college mood..line maroing on prtty chicks…busy in doin a lukkha giri as usual… al of a sudden am feeling sooooo  soooooo miserable man…whole day ruins in d disgracing thots abt myself…

hey , bt wait a sec, y am i feeling bad abt myself…so wt tht i am nt tht committed in lyf…. i cn still do the basugiri.. i hv no strings(Read: wire ropes) attached… i can go grab a can of beer n spend a saturday nite on friend’s place(gosh..gone r those days whn d alcohol was available on evry corner of d road…this dry state policy of MODI sucks lyk anythin)…i can still spend the whole sunday doin nothin..its bibin whos gonna miss d late nite futbol matches…

he’ll hv to give explanations for smoky shirts…

he’ll be forced to get rid of this ipod whn she is talkin…

he cnt grow beard anymore…nt even a stuble…nt evn a goti…

he wl b forced to use deo of her choice…

he’ll b made to luv shoppin..shoppin evn whn sachin’s on 193 not out n he hs chance to beat saeed anwer’s record of 194 (y nt??… cnt i evn imagine sachin breakin this record?? he still hs 1 more wordcup to go remember?…sum tyms i feel BCCI wnt let him retire until he breaks this record…poor chap he is)

he’ll hv to keep his bike clean…wash her daily…

he cnt evn brush d way he used to…he’ll b made to think before pressing toothpaste tube..

he’ll b prohibited to admire the god’s creations while passing by thm… ahem ahem.. 😉

n lastly, he’ll hv to wear the washed,cleaned & ironed denims(yeeeek..god bless u bibin)

Frankly speackin, if ths is wt he wntd to do ..thn thr ws no need to get married for tht…he cud hv simply shifted to baroda…lyf sucks equally terrible in here…in baroda…away from home 😦

any ways, it depends on wht choice one makes… sum get married…sum njoy lyf…others leave mumbai..(if u dnt undrstand d meaning of this sentence, tht only means u r part of d prior two catagories 😉 

any ways… bibin..this blog is abt u bt not for u… its for ppl who r plannin to get married… atleast thy cn re think the decision tht thy hv made…. (n i wl b publishing it only after u get married…so tht u wnt get a chance to rethink… (GM bro..heehehe)…coz if i dnt, pallavi bhabi wnt evn allow me to enter ur house any more..

now on serious note..i hope n  pray to god tht u’ll nt come across any of the shit detailed above… n i wish u both all d  happiness n success(success??…ahem ahem;) 😉 ) in ur married lyf…keep rockin bro…keeeeep rockin

P.S: hey BB.. thnx a lot man…u made u start bloggin again…thnx for bringing me back on track..

4 Responses to “Wedding bells or War bugle ;)”

  1. sankalp Says:

    Looks like somebody is eager to get married.. 😛

    BTW nice to see you back to blogging.

  2. ashish Says:

    good one after long time

  3. queenofmars Says:

    hahahaha… thanx fr revisitin the GM i feel u r bak to ur original self..

  4. Arshat Chaudhary Says:

    hey! Sachin did break the record! 🙂

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