friends on platter

Yet another msg describing just friends an”true” friends…

Every tym my mobile beeps, my mind start guessing what it could be..

1st choice would be..ofcorss my favorite..Rajnikant..
2nd would be some of my vendor asking for payment..( Voith I have learned that u need a justification for paying even after supply.)

& the 3rd choice would be, defining ‘just friends’ and ‘true friends’.

It really makes me wonder.. in a FB era, when people have an average of 200 friends count, one can actually differentiate all their friends with these 2 tags. Only a stupid FB application can rate your friends on 1 to 10.U can not compare a gulaabjaamun with rossgulla or Chicken tikka with Chicken tandoori. I find this prty unfair to compare friends like that.
Friends are like spices, and ur liking towards them depends on ur appetite on a particular day. If u get ur favorite chocolate brownie every day in ur meal, then where is d fun??

The thought just adds another flavor for tagging your friends as delicacies on the platter.

Cheese or Paneer Friends:
Well such friends go with any combination of preparations. No matter whether u njoy a punju preparation of mallu. They add more flavor in every dish on the menu. Paneer paratha or Cheese dosa, u name the dish and they give their flavor to that preparation.
Such friends are great fun for outings, parties and even on boring marriages. Reason is..they are absorbed by any group of people. Majority of so called “True friends” belong to this category. They wish u on friendshipday without fail. They exactly know your taste when it comes to opposite gender. They mark ur proxy when u are passing time in canteen. They skip the seat next to “ur”girl in a theater for u to seat. U can share every little secret with them knowing that it will remain secret with them. U r never hurt by any of their comments. FB makes no difference on such friends.

Chicken tandoori friends:
Well, these are those strong flavored friends who dominate the entire meal with there presence. Such strong personalities meet occasionally. When they are around, they take the centre stage and entertain you to the fullest. Your best buddies usually tend to dislike such friends. May b bcoz they overshadow all other preparations of the meal.

Another surprising observation is that such frnds will be least active on the social networking sites. Also, they never give you a call. Not even forward a msg.You’ll find yourself never sharing any personal issues with such friends

However.. it’s the spice in them that attracts you whenever they are around.

But you should also remember that such friends you can not get in every meal. It’s the rarity which preserves the spices of such friends.

Roti/Rice friends:
These are the old langotia yaars (mostly skool frnds) who provide base for every meal. No mater whether you are lady killer-town resident-football team captain OR a nerd looking-scholar-carrying backpack weighing tones. Every one is bound to have this variety of friend. Symptoms – They usually have access to all members of your family. They never send you friendship msgs. They always dial 1st your home land line. They can not hide your secrets. You do not discuss your luv lyf wid them. They can shamelessly wear ur shorts when they come for a nightout. They are not bothered even if you forget their bdays. U don’t remember when didya last fought wid them. They land at ur place without even checking if u r thr or not. N u r equally not bothered.

With thousands of complaints against them you still find them most approachable.

McDonalds Friends:

Well…u’ll find some of ur early college frnds in this category… they resemble with junk food coz u kno that they are harmful to ur health…but u still can not resist..

Syptoms: They smoke…They use the “F”/”Chu”/ “Bho”words too frequently irrespective of the surrounding people…They stare (read: scan) bottom to top of each female gender passing by… they are everything that ur mom had been warning u since childhood…so there is absolute no way u want ur mom to know tht they exists in ur frnd list at all..
Such friends cud be very informative… also thy come handy on FB since they keep ur wall entertaining by their comments…most importantly..they have access to al the pretty chicks in ur college 😉 😉

Green vegetable friends:

Most irritating characters of ur frnd list belong to this category. Like green vegetables, u would luv to ignore them, but in reality u can not. The so called Scholar distant cousin of urs cud be one of this kind. Also, u’ll find most of ur GF’s best frnds fall in under this category. Office colleagues who happen to be the big boss’s pet, prior n later roll numbers who come in help in exams, nerds who lets u copy those assignments in college, gay looking HR executive of ur company…all belong to this irritating breed of friends. U just cant get rid of them. U can not insult them even on FB, forget insulting in person. U cnt remove the tags of their idiotic FB applications. U even post “like” to their stupid most profile status.

Salad friends:
They are only useful for pumping ur friends count of a social networking sites. Their existence or non-existence makes absolute no difference in your meal. In orkut days, meeting a person was essential before adding him as a friend. But in FB days any person who has “Like”d ur post or comment 3 consecutive times within a span of a week becomes eligible for adding as a friend. And in turn increase your count in your menu.

Last but definitely not the least,
Red wine friends:
Well, this belongs to those tempting delicacies of your friends circle. Prettiest of the opposite genders whom u just cant have enough. U wish to have them in every dinner and even after the dinner 😉 U follow their profile updates every minute. Every new forwarded sms that u get is auto forwarded to them. U wish them even on d Republic day. U dnt let go any chance to reply their sms no matter even if its just a santa banta msg. U cant forget their Bday, even their parents anniversaries. Like a alcoholic, u fall for them without thinking about the consequences.

I happen to cross a gift shop on yesterday. Was wondering about the large crowd inside. In the evening heard on radio something about friendship day. The day which had more value than the valentine day in d college was about to slip from my mind again this year.

Times have changed..Orkut hs died..himesh reshamia hs vanished..aishwarya rai-bacchan is pregnant..

Well,times have really changed.. Thanks to the RJ for reminding…erything..

2 Responses to “friends on platter”

  1. nawaz Says:

    AK,nice one bhai
    i have a definition for true friends

    “True friends are those who survive the address book translations”

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