Injustice to Thorle Bajirao

It’s a third message I received in a day crying foul against Sanjay Leela Bhansali for his forthcoming movie Bajirao-Mastani.


The grey haired in Marathi show biz are at the forefront of this protest urging others to give it a miss.

The songs which has been in the focus off all this protest, Pinga & Malhari


“Pinga” where Kashi bai & Mastani are dancing together. Argument is that, this is spoiling the history lessons. The first lady of Peshwas never danced with a Mastani.

It becomes so difficult to comprehend to such argument.

First off all we do not know in which context these two ladies are dancing. Obviously they are not performing for the crowd. Neither for  Thorale bajirao for that matter.

It is filmed that the celebration is clearly in a female get together.


All the protectors of Marathas are forgetting the very basics of the Maharashtrian culture. Every festival had an occasion where females come together & have their own share of celebration. Festivals like Mangalagaur, occasions of haldi kunku have been there for this sole reason. Socializing practices for House

So, what makes Kashibai any different from having such good time.

As far as history goes, there is definitely no mention of these two females dancing together. But then, in which part of the world such petty incidences are documented by historians.


I would give full marks to bhansali for this song. Its such a delight watching fully clad Priyanka and Deepika dancing to the very Marathi tunes. The music reminds me Lata’s “latpat latpat tujha chaalan ga mothya nakharyaach”.

If the protest had been against “not” enough skinshow, it would have still been justified. Narrow border silk nauwari with butte, Ammbada, Green bangles, Nath, Chandrakor tikli I don’t see anything that bhansali has missed.

So Where is d question of damaging the Marathi culture at all. I believe Bhansali has done more damage to his own Gujju culture by doing films like – Ramleela. Not to forget, the same bhansali made Deepika and half of his cast roam around in a backless blouses in Ramleela. If Peshwa descendants feel the need to protest even before movie release, then Shakespeare ascendants should probably bury themselves after watching Ramleela.


Coming to the other song of Malhari where there is a disagreement over the kind of language used by the lyricist.

Well, u have to give some space for the so called cinematic liberty. After all Bhansali has made a Bollywood movie & not a National Geographic Documentary.

Had bhansali made Ranveer do the Ta-tar-ta-tar-ta-tar-ta-tar step, the objection is justified. It’s just a regular song.


Coming to ridiculing Mastani… Bajirao being Bajirao could have easily erased her from the history Or may be his descendants if they wanted. But no one did. Perhaps out of respect to the gr8 Peshwa.

So we have no right to remember Bajirao and his greatest achievements ignoring Mastani.


Let’s accept that in Marathi culture we have serious draught of political heros. Infact we cannot look beyond Shivaji Maharaj when it comes to political heros.

We need to turn 200 years is the history to find the next role model of Maratha’s as Lokmanya Tilak. And further 100 years for Bal tackrey. Swatantra Vir Savarkar was denied this honor. Perhaps by clever manipulation of Chitpavans.

Post-independence prosperity could be argued for scarcity of populous political heros in Independent India.


But we are not to be blamed for shadowing the achievements of Peshwas. In academics,  I don’t remember more than 2 history lessons on Peshwas. Agarkar, Chafekar find themselves placed along with other revolutionaries like Bose & bhagatsingh in a small history lesson. & this am talking about the state syllabus. Now scale ur expectations from CBSE’s & ICSE’s.


So from where else can we learn about the gr8 Peshwas? Literature & Theater could be the options.

But sadly except “Rau” by Late Inamdar I fail to find any book written on Bajirao. & same is the case with old television serial on Door darshan.

Marathi show biz always underestimated the greatness of Peshwas for taking them to today’s household by means of a Dailey soap or Cinema for that matter.


So why get angry when someone else decided to put his money on Bajirao and tell the history lesson in his style.

And now the funny part. This protest is coming from none other than Marathi show biz veterans who chose to ignore peshwa’s & there contribution to Maratha dynasty all these years..

My nephew does the same thing. Some of his toys gets significance only when someone else pick it up.


We are acting no different than a 2 year old kid.

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