Marketing of a Rape #Kathua

A new advertisement of cadbury gets aired..It so appeals to us..Tht no reason we end up buying it, which was never on our shopping list.. thts success of marketing..

kathua rape case is classic example of marketing success.. u manage to penetrate into majority of household in minimum possible time..N tht too without any1 knowing what they have bought.

None of the actors (tv anchors, social media commentators, bollywood faces & some of the politicians) in this advertising campaign cares what happens to rape victims..n no1 really cares for the child.. the child here is not a product here, the product is “Disgust”.. n the marketing strategy is to sell u this “disgust”.. make u feel bad abt urself, the society u leave in & the overall idea of india. N our emotional outburst is a testimony of how we all have fallen for it.

Do you remember any rape case where u knew the name of the victim?? Nirbhaya’s Mother is still referred as Nibhaya’s Mother & not with her name. Not just that, the face of victim is flashed on every newschannel, social media, whatsapp.. But then, these are mere tools used in a advertisement. Now carefully notice the use of words, “temple”, “hindustan”, “devi” placed on the placard. I do not remember any1 addressing our country as “hindustan” post independence?? Infact it is considered to be non-secular to use this term now a days. Still it found it’s place on placard..With a sole intention to bring disgust amongst the majority population who is otherwise contained irrespective of the variety of the paid protest/violence going around in the country.

The reason why we are all sold to this advertising campaign is very simple.. its a simple psychological trap.. If we do not buy it, we end up being that dark, evil being in our own mind. So the only way forward is to buy the disgust & cry beating the chest .. only to save our mind from any dissonance with our perception about self.

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