Goan lyf

well..a 31st dec in goa was always on my wish list…but i never imagined it would happen so soon…may be bcoz i placed it below “owning a Rolex” or even below “killing that watchman of my society”(bloody he splits…stinks…n allows ppl to park thr cars behind mine…true ass hole he is…never mind)…angels should also be given thr variable pay targets i believe…atleast next tym thy’ll follow the wish sequence i wnt.. 😉
Goa..well this Land is simply divine…n am not saying this just becoz its my native..nor bcoz I had come from the dry land of NARENDRA MODI. But GOA is not just another state or place…its special…in here

* Alcohol consumption is more than petrol (the 2nd most famous brown liquid in mankind..n no..i am talking about Coffee…Coffee dosnt stand any place..petrol n alcohol tops the list from 1 to 10)

* Every 3rd wall along the road is painted red with Kingfisher’s advertise..i’ve even heard, more than 50% of the business of United Beverage comes from GOA.

* No hotel is tagged as “Restaurant & Bar”.. instead, all of them are called “Bar & restaurant”..well..sales always lead..isnt it 😉

* U will not find a single place where “Gujarathi Thali Malse” ..(n I really mean this, man…Goa is the only land I feel which is untouched by gujrathis… a place where SU n SAARU still sound alien…Thank god 🙂

* You will not feel uncomfortable wearing a shirt with floral prints n go out in public place in daylight …even a shorts with sun flowers printed on it is perfectly normal.. 😉

* Sand covers most of the living land. However, this sand is way different than that of Rajasthan n Gujarat..mainly because it doesn’t fly along the cruising cars.

* Fish curry can be a part of any meal of the day & fry pomfret has a place as important as PAAPAD for Sindhis in any meal.

* PAV(bread) is consumed least although the population is largely dominated by PAVWALEs 😉 😉

* If u want to order the famous “butter chicken” in Goa,(butter chicken which usually tops the menu cards in rest of the india)..u literally have to go through the whole menu searching for it…However, pl. don’t dare to order it..coz person eating chicken in goa is treated no different than a person ordering tea in a coffee shop.

* Goa is a place where temples, churches and beer bars are equal in numbers.. just to get a feel..u see..the statistics says…For every man there is 1 bar, 1 temple, 1 church & 10 coconut trees.

* Firangs clad in 2 piece bikini are 2nd most common thing after topless firangs 😉 n ofcors Indians ogling at those fab bodies 😉

* Although the firangs dominate beaches with their bikinis, the dusky Pavwali chicks in frocks steal the show in rest of the goa.

Well well..Yest I saw this movie “Dum Maro Dum”…starring Amitabh Junior, bips n few new faces and hot bodies..the story lingers around Goa, drugs, rave parties, & white skin dominance over all mentioned three. Sippy Junior has done some a nice directorial job but he couldn’t do any justice to Goan beauty the way he did for South Bombay in “bluffmaster”..for that matter..no director, till date, have captured the true goan b’uty for the silver screen.. may b they all get sooo busy in njoying Goa that they forget the capture it for people.

Sunny..rainy..cloudy..windy..I have seen goa in all possible seasons with all possible reasons 😉 ..Goa has lot more to offer than just beer, beaches and babes. India is blessed with thousands of kilometers of coastline with beaches thousands in numbers. Then what is so different in sun settling down in Goa…& y the same fried pomfret tastes like never before …y the sand pleases to your feet and waves tickles…Well if u’ve been to Goa, u already know the answers…Goa is not just a place. It’s a lifestyle. Just like Mumbai, Goa too has his own soul.

It is their culture that reflects from that every beach at the end of the road..

every tiny shack waiting to serve that chilled bottle of beer..

every single pomfret which land on ur table…

the only dialog that lingers in my mind ..

Aadmi marta hain to wo jannat mein jata hain..par jab wo goa mein marta hain tab wo kahi nahi jata…
Kynki asli jannat toh goa mein hain

2 Responses to “Goan lyf”

  1. Aparna Says:

    Goa is even very close to my heart. as u rightly said, its has got its own lifestyle.. Sushegad Goa.. 365 days Holidays..

  2. queenofmars Says:

    awesome post.. miss being to goa now… chal na imi jane se pehle ek fer-fatka maar ke aate hain…. 😉

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